chapter eight release date.

hey! it may not be a halloween update you’re looking for, but i’m excited to announce that chapter eight of When Twilight Strikes will (finally, finally!!)  go live on november 4th at 12pm EST. the password is already up for those of you in the midnight tier on patreon, and will be released for the twilight tier this sunday.

in this chapter… 

  • ro povs? rov povs. 
  • experience the consequences angst of being injured (or one of the ros being injured) 
  • develop some theories (while K loses all their brain cells)
  • find out what Rylan named your group chat
  • have a little chitchat with Sebastian (someone send him some help for real)
  • oh, and did i mention angst?

i know i’ve made and broken several promises on when this is coming out, but i assure you, it’s real this time. it’s the biggest chapter i’ve ever written and one that i struggled through immensely, though one i am also very proud of. i sincerely hope you enjoy <3


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96 days ago


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*Deep breaths*

I am so EXCITED!!!!!!

particularly excited for the angst. thank you for your hard work!!

The best news!

can't wait!(≧◡≦)


absolutely devouring any and all A or Rylan content. thank you for this meal evertides. 🙏

i can't tell if i'm scared or excited for the angst :'

FINALLY!!!!!!!! Thank you 💓 💓

Less goooo im so excited rn ;)

YOOOOOO excited for this!! thank you for your efforts!!!

i love u and the effort u put in <3 tysm!

EEE! So excited thank you <3