You are a bounty hunter.

Responsible for taking in rogue supernaturals, you work for IAOS—the international agency of supernaturals—where, alongside your best friend and partner, you two have quickly become the best hunting duo of the branch.

After a particularly tricky hunt, you brief your boss, Caine Atheron, and come back to work the next day to find that he has mysteriously disappeared overnight, the company is now in the hands of his best friend, Sebastian Mai.

And though no one else seems to question it, something tells you that there's more to the story.

With bounty cases rising at an alarming rate and a second mystery unfolding, you and your ragtag team of allies set out to find the truth.

But as you go further and further, the secrets you uncover begin to make you question: who... or what exactly are you fighting for?

romance options


Arion/Arden/Adair Devereux is your best friend and work partner at IAOS of four years. Reliable and loyal, A is always by your side and there when you need a good laugh. With an easygoing manner and sarcastic sense of humour, A is loved by all, though their greatest friend is you.

Will you blur the lines of friendship?


Blane Rekner is a fellow hunter at IAOS and your rival. Blane despises you with a passion and will take every opportunity to make you look bad, often in the form of a snide remark. Cold and startlingly rude, Blane isn’t the most appealing person, but their loyalty and dedication make up for it.

Will you turn your tension into something more than hatred?


Nikolas/Noele/Nolan Alves is Blane’s partner at IAOS. though often overlooked, with soft smiles and constant genuine kindness, N is someone you can count on when having a bad day. But don’t let that fool you, for N also has a strong will and disregard for being treated badly that will make you rethink double-crossing them.

Will you find something real in a sea of mistrust?


Kian/Kaia/Kai de Vries is a warlock you see out for their expertise. as an immortal, K has learned to keep their cards close to their chest and finds it difficult to trust. Their aloofness and blunt sense of humour may make them difficult to get along with at first, but once warmed up to you, K is a powerful ally that proves to have a great amount of depth.

Will you fall for someone you know you will have to one day leave behind?


Rylan Villanueva is a bounty you’ve previously failed to capture. A flirt through and through, Rylan’s signature moves are sharp smirks and quick winks, the signs of someone who enjoys the sight of someone flustered. Their sarcasm and charm often take up the forefront of their personality, but though seemingly shallow with their wandering eyes, Rylan’s bed remains empty, preferring to spend nights alone.

Will you find love with the very person you’ve been trained to hunt?


I make regular updates and answer questions about the cast and game on my Tumblr. If you'd like to support me, I have Ko-Fi for a one-off donation and Patreon for those who wish to receive exclusive content.

On another note, if there are any errors or bugs you’d like to report, please email me ( as it is the best way for me to sort them out <3 

StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(656 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCharacter Customization, Dating Sim, LGBTQIA, Romance, Story Rich, Twine
Average sessionA few hours

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AHH i screamed out loud when i saw i already finished chapter nine, i literally binge read this and completed it in one day, the story is just so damn good!! i love blane a lot, i have soft spots for these kinds of characters for some reason. keep up the good work!!

Hello. Love the story already. How many characters can I romance at once? For now 👀. Will this be available to download later in the future?


CRAZY good game. I would go as far to say the best interactive story game on itch I've ever played. The cast, the story, setting, writing, everything is on point. As I type this, I am currently trying to fight off sleep for binging this game all night. I encourage you to play this when you don't have work cause you will also pull an all nighter. Friendly warning

I just noticed a mistake when plying Blanes route when your at the bar. It after you choose the Sugar mommy option when talking to Shay. It says "Ryan laughs" instead of Blane


Also quick question. How important is it for me to have high likability with my target. Cause I had like 11 Romance points with Kian but only had like 30% likability. Does he not love me back??  **Crying and in tears**


eeeek thank you!! please get your rest haha, i promise this game will still be waiting for you when you wake up <3 also thank you for the bug catch !

as for your question, for ros like K and Rylan, having points should be enough. the importance of likability will kick in later.  Blane also fits in this category, but they're an even more complicated case that relies on your approach to them

Hey I really enjoy the game, but for some reason whenever I save it saids "An error has occurred. You may be able to continue, but some parts may not work properly". And it never saves. I've tried reinstalls and that doesn't work. And I can save in other twine interactive games. Some help would be great!

hi! i think you may need to wipe the files from the source and then reinstall. if i recall, itch keeps some of your data even after you delete a game. on this page, you should be able to click the cog button beside 'launch' > manage > open in folder to find the file's location. if this doesn't work let me know, but unfortunately, i don't have a solution otherwise :/


I swear. I am in LOVE with this series. With it's detailed descriptions, amazing characters, and just plot overall, I don't see why you don't turn this into an actual book. All that aside, Rylan is 100% my favorite, and I just think that this series is absolutely amazing! Please, keep up the good work!! I'm so hyped for chapter 10!! <3


haha i came up with this concept knowing it would be an if, so i'm not sure it would work well as a book. that you think i could be an author with a published book is so so flattering though. muah, thank you <3

has the story reached the climax yet?

cus I wanted to put it into a story chart thingy

Btw I will not be reading it in a while cus I want to finish the whole story in one go

i would say we're approaching it. not quite there


i am absolutely RABID about this game, i love the descriptions and all the choices. i have genuinely taken close to 7 hours because i had to read everything over and over because it was so beautiful. anyways nearly fainted when Kai wore a skirt, that's the most normal feeling i have had all day.

i've spent countless hours writing this so to see someone take so much care to go through so much of the game is truly heartwarming. seven hours is crazyyy. thank you thank you <3


genuinely the best game ive played on itch. i cannot recommend it enough. im in love with arion and cannot wait for chapter 10. you are the love of my life for making this amazing game and i am on my knees proposing. thank you have a good day.

sobbing thank you so much. this is such a big compliment that i don't know what to say other than i'm yelling and screaming and eternally grateful for you <3



hahahaha i feel like i've become notorious for leaving cliffhangers on every chapter. can't make any promises about the next chapter but hey, trade answers for more questions :))


i loveeeeeeee this alottt im srsly playing and replaying just so i could romance everyone aaaaaaaaa theyre all so fricking adorable i love all their routes, tysm author pls take care of yourself<3


gahhh thank youuu <33333


Rylan is so much my type I find it hard to romance anyone else ^^; (even though I'm kinda interested in Blane's whole deal.) I just need protecc the poor, definitely probably homeless vampire. I have daydreams about buying food and leaving it out on my counter for Rylan to steal O.O

'definitely probably homeless vampire' lmaoooooo. cracking me up


what is with me and crushing on people who don't like me??

anyway, this was very entertaining. I'm doing Blane's route and I especially like how you captured their unease.

very well written. the tone of everything is very clear and when it isn't you add a tone indicator. I wasn't bored once, and that's a feat in itself

excited for more <3

thank you thank you!! entertaining people for nine chapters straight is no easy task so i always doubt myself when there are 'slower' chapters. makes me so happy that people enjoy it all regardless <333

(1 edit) (+3)

Amazing love it amazing 


When do I get to kiss the half-vampire...?

mayhaps within the next couple of chapters... ?



Undoubtedly one of the best IFs ever to have existed ❣️🫡

It actually ranks among the top three IFs on my list.

You ought to receive my gratitude for creating this magnificent work of art!!


and you deserve my gratitude for simply being here and supporting. thank you thank you <33

Happy to be here!! ✨

(1 edit) (+4)

i've only just gotten into ifs (ive played infamous, wayhaven, & fallen hero) but this is without a doubt my absolute favorite. i especially love that you make the tone of some dialogue options clear!!

thank you so much ! i'm a big fan of some of those myself so it's truly an honour <3


Cool story ! Added to following and wait for  the continuation ;)

eek thank you! i hope it continues to live up to your expectations <3




Every chapter you release is amazing, I can't put into words how I excited I am for the next release. I hope you stay safe out there and stay healthy, you write gold. 

ahh tysm !! this means so much <33


This Is by far the best interactive novel i have read on itch. Cant Wait for more!!!


ahh thank you so much!!


I love Rylan with my whole being!


This just keeps getting better and better. I’m on the edge of my seat, can’t wait for more! <3

eeek thank you!! excited to deliver the rest to you <3


"[ Note: you can wear whatever you want, regardless of gender. ]" is the most encouraging thing i've heard in a week




Awesome experience. Blane jealous of Arden or something?

Why do you think so?

They're definitely jealous of their ranking. Can't tell if it's anything more than that.


For some reason I can no longer scroll down to see the whole text page. :( I can scroll in the text box but the text box itself isn't showing completely. I used to be able to click on the side and scroll down to see the whole text box, but now I can't. 


i'm assuming this is on mobile? if so, you should be able to scroll from any part of the screen. i used to have two scrollbars (which i think is what you're referring to) but i got rid of one because, well. it was excessive. if you want to shoot me an email ( i can also have a look for you!


really loved the game! Devastated once I reached the end because I'll have to start waiting for updates lol

haha at least being caught up means you know what everyone's talking about now? thank you for playing <3


At least hahaha, also looking forward for the next update. Sending support! 


I love this 🤩🤩 I played it twice until chapter 9 and I can't wait for the update. K is the sweetest how is that even possible 


ahh thank you!! live laugh love k de vries


i literally love blane sm <3 and the bathroom scene with him!! omg!!

this is so amazing! can't wait for chapter 10!!

muahhh thank you! the bathroom scene was such an experience for me to write, i'm glad you like it <3

(1 edit) (+2)

I love the the new chapter 9 part 2. We got to the more serious Rylan, and finally we can win a fight even tho we playing dirty! 🎉

Also finally got to see more my girl Noele! From chapter 9 part 2 🥹. But I just got less to see my boi rylan 🥲. (still cheering for the poly route for rylan and Noele✌️)


you can win the fight by playing fair as well! the playing dirty option just has a lot more, uh, hits to vulgar areas. thanks for playing ! <3


this is a wonderful game, the narrative, the characters, everything in this is absolutely perfect, truly the best game experience I've had all year

really can't wait for chapter 10, I'm obsessed with this❤

gosh thank you so much. what a compliment. thank you thank you. i can't wait to give you chapter ten <3


recently got into IF's and i'm so glad I did cause otherwise I wouldn't have found this amazing story I love blane sm cant wait to see what's next ❤️


so glad you're here! it's a wonderful genre and i'm pleased to have been part of your journey with it. thank you for playing <3


i saw the contact name thing and I immediately but ‘grumpyboi<3’ for blane, I loved the update!


ahahhaha that's perfect. thank you for playing! <3


AHHH this new update is so good!! i knew it would be but man, that exceeded my expectations. i'm loving where this is going and i cant wait to see whats in store for us in chapter 10!! keep up the good work :)


eeeek thank you! so happy you liked it <3

All my saves are gone jesus im so sad now

oh no :( that might be my fault because i had to put the game on private for a hot minute. hopefully it doesn’t take too long for you to speed through it all though !


the story is honestly so great I don't mind all that much. Was just a bit of a bummer because I was excited to instantly play the update. I love your writing tho ♥️

thank you!! hope it wasn’t too much of a hassle <3

Hi! Am i supposed to restart the whole game to get part 2? My game ends at the Brooklyn heights pov.


that is the update ! the new content begins at the branch split (find blane, stay with a/n, follow k/rylan) and continues until sebastian’s pov :)


Ohhh ok, i was confused for a minute lol. Thank you for the reply and good luck with the future updates!


Day 4 of getting blane to like my mc


Let's goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


hope you like it :)))


Ur telling me Pookiebear00 isn't the correct code

maybe next time hehe


Found this IF after stumbling around the site. Glad to say that I stuck with it.

i'm glad you're here!!


Can't wait for new update!1!1!

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