You are a bounty hunter.

Responsible for taking in rogue supernaturals, you work for IAOS—the international agency of supernaturals—where, alongside your best friend and partner, you two have quickly become the best hunting duo of the branch.

After a particularly tricky hunt, you brief your boss, Caine Atheron, and come back to work the next day to find that he has mysteriously disappeared overnight, the company is now in the hands of his best friend, Sebastian Mai.

And though no one else seems to question it, something tells you that there's more to the story.

With bounty cases rising at an alarming rate and a second mystery unfolding, you and your ragtag team of allies set out to find the truth.

But as you go further and further, the secrets you uncover begin to make you question: who... or what exactly are you fighting for?

romance options


Arion/Arden/Adair Devereux is your best friend and work partner at IAOS of four years. Reliable and loyal, A is always by your side and there when you need a good laugh. With an easygoing manner and sarcastic sense of humour, A is loved by all, though their greatest friend is you.

Will you blur the lines of friendship?


Blane Rekner is a fellow hunter at IAOS and your rival. Blane despises you with a passion and will take every opportunity to make you look bad, often in the form of a snide remark. Cold and startlingly rude, Blane isn’t the most appealing person, but their loyalty and dedication make up for it.

Will you turn your tension into something more than hatred?


Nikolas/Noele/Nolan Alves is Blane’s partner at IAOS. though often overlooked, with soft smiles and constant genuine kindness, N is someone you can count on when having a bad day. But don’t let that fool you, for N also has a strong will and disregard for being treated badly that will make you rethink double-crossing them.

Will you find something real in a sea of mistrust?


Kian/Kaia/Kai de Vries is a warlock you see out for their expertise. as an immortal, K has learned to keep their cards close to their chest and finds it difficult to trust. Their aloofness and blunt sense of humour may make them difficult to get along with at first, but once warmed up to you, K is a powerful ally that proves to have a great amount of depth.

Will you fall for someone you know you will have to one day leave behind?


Rylan Villanueva is a bounty you’ve previously failed to capture. A flirt through and through, Rylan’s signature moves are sharp smirks and quick winks, the signs of someone who enjoys the sight of someone flustered. Their sarcasm and charm often take up the forefront of their personality, but though seemingly shallow with their wandering eyes, Rylan’s bed remains empty, preferring to spend nights alone.

Will you find love with the very person you’ve been trained to hunt?


I make regular updates and answer questions about the cast and game on my Tumblr. If you'd like to support me, I have Ko-Fi for a one-off donation and Patreon for those who wish to receive exclusive content.

On another note, if there are any errors or bugs you’d like to report, please email me ( as it is the best way for me to sort them out <3

Updated 24 days ago
StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(321 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsCharacter Customization, Dating Sim, LGBTQIA, Romance, Story Rich, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour

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I can't wait for chpt 9 I am soo excited to see what happen I never loved a fictional character in my life ps. It Rylan she just ugh 😌😩 you are the best writer out here, I hope you make more book in the future I would be love to read them..

why i can't choose the best friend gender?

you can but at first you have to click that you want to choose their gender manually

Ahhh I need Chapter 9!!!!

This is very good! i am having so much trouble deciding who i want to romance, the characters are all written so well. so far i'm on Kai but... who knows! great job!


i love blane but i ALSO HATE HIM he's so mfing infuriating i wanna CHOKE HIM but like softly and maybe give him a neck massage if its hurts him </3


hahahahhaa i'm glad you love them <3


I don't know how to start, I almost never leave comments/reviews on games I've racked up over 250 hours on, even the games that require payment. And yet here I am Writing a comment on an account I haven't logged into in forever, even changing the name because of how old it was. I am not even sure how to put my opinion of this game into words, it manages to be charming, well written, funny, and creative in ways most modern games can't even compare to. You can choose how you character looks, dresses presents themselves, and loves, you can even go so far as to change the different genders of the romance-able characters to suit your sexuality, which is something I have never seen in a game before, and it works so well. The story somehow manages to balance romance, character dynamics and a compelling storyline that feels like it keeps within its own boundaries, something many novels can't even do. It never feels like you are left out on any important information relating to the stories or characters, and it keeps somethings just vague enough to let you produce your own theories about what is going on. Now i know that my words can only mean so much, so just play it, then come back to this comment, think about everything I have put here, and then check the time, because i have just spent ~5 hours on this game and i would spend 100 more, I have an endless well of respect for the writers who have managed to make this masterpiece, and then putting it out for free on the internet, if i were able to I would happily donate to them.


this is one of the sweetest comments i've ever gotten. i adore you and adore the fact that you took time out of your day to write this. thank you thank you thank you. it's comments like these that make me feel like this is worth writing (especially on days where i feel the opposite)


just as I got overly hooked it ends what a cruel fate 😔

A is perfect in every single way. Now just smooch MC please.

Hi sorry if this has been answered before but how many chapters are planned in total?


about 18 or so, but it really depends on how much i space out the plot. i have it entirely figured out, i just don't know how many events slot into each chapter, if that makes sense

i love this game sm omg!! do you have an estimate of when ch. 9 is coming out? :0


no i don't, sorry! it will definitely be after the new year though. it's in the very early stages still

that's alright! it'll be a late bday present haha :)


Oh damn a cliffhanger again!!! 😭 you cannot do this! But it was awesome, loved all the paths and options & moments with all the ROs 🖤 🌚 

Deleted 2 days ago
Deleted 2 days ago

Sebastian 😭 you're such a sweetheart omg


He is! buuuut I still feel like we cannot trust him 🧐 


If he was the one to capture his bestie, I feel like he would have to have been manipulated and is not the true mastermind 🤨


Possibly, he does show a lot of sadness in this ch8 (I really hope so)! I am really intrigued who it is and if we will find him....alive 😳 


feeling a deep connection with the other ~5 people camping in the comment section really confused about the password situation rn 😭


i'm so sorry! i just woke up, the password should be gone now

ty!!! im excited to play :D

Good morning!!! And THANK YOUUUU! 🖤 

good morning! and thank you so much, so excited to see what the new chapter's got in store for us!! <3


so real honestly, it's quite comforting to know i'm not the only one waiting on here 😭

will you give us the password or are we supposed to find out on our own?

wait nvm i get it now


What did you get? I didn't!

ohh no i meant as in i understood why there was the password thing i still dont know what it is

the password is gone now!

(1 edit)

Oh I thought that I didn't get something and I see 4 more people(that upvoted 😛) thought you got the secret to the password protection 😁 but its up yay!

Shouldn't chapter 8 be out today? Ive been waiting soooo looooong for it 🖤 but it's still password protected


it will be available at 12 pm est, which is not for about 4 more hours

Oh! Got it, Thank you!)


I am holding a wedding between me and N, everybody has invitations <3


W game. Usually I offer constructive criticism, usually about pacing. However there really aren't any issues with the game. None that stand out to me at least.


i loved this!!! your character and world building is so nice!! Also Arion and Blane <3

can’t wait for eight! I played this sooooo many times! I’m enough it,neveeeer endingggg!


This was a fun read! Excited for Chapter 8. :)


super excited to share it with you <3


Hello! I really enjoy your game! I really happy that R is from SE descent (more specifically from the Philippines). We are rarely represented in media so it's nice to see more representation. I definitely fell in love with Blaine and I can't wait to read the next chapter!

(1 edit) (+4)

i'm always happy to provide rep for minorities (in this case, filipinos). it warms my heart when i see myself represented and i love creating that feeling for others. tysm for playing <3333


I had a blast playing this.

ahh i'm so glad to hear that. tysm !!


This is probably one of my favorite interactive fics yet 

Also Blane>>>


Blane Supremacy XD


tysm!! i'm so happy you liked it <3


cliff hangers get me so excited omg i’m gonna be waiting for the next update i’m so excited 


Rylan unironically made me realise a few things about my sexuality LMAO i love them so much, absolutely obsessed with the story! cant wait <333

not me actually shipping the other ROs together coughcough


that's actually crazy that rylan helped you out in some ways. i hope it was useful to you!! an absolute honour.

tysm for playing <3

no cause Blane and A, and K and Rylan have so much tension for what?? /pos

fr!!! if i wasnt romancing Rylan id ship them w/K so bad... i have Blane and A tho 👀

blane and A actually have no right to have THIS MUCH tension /pos


I think this is the first twine I played in a while where I just absolutely love everybody, that I already created saves for each person. Can't wait for more!!!


tysm!! so happy you enjoyed <3


Arion and Rylan are precious omg T^T it's gonna be a hard wait finding out what happens after the club

eek hopefully not too hard! it's coming, i promise <3


nolan my love <3333333

oopsies i totally forgot i already left a comment


WAILING im obsessed


i gotta go back and do more routes at some point but also im holding blane in my teeth


This is great, I can't wait for chapter 8 I mean, what happens after I collapse on the ground after being shanked in the abdomen? /srs

hahaha you'll find out <3


This beautiful creation has my brain and heart, along with Kian and Rylan.


tysm for playing and loving my characters as much as i do <33


this game is so cool <33 i can't wait for the rest to come out!!


so glad you like it, tysm!!!


arion has my whole heart



AAAAAA i love interactive fiction so much and stuff like this always has me grooving in my seat. i love the banter between the characters and the different dynamics that exist! it's so nice to see that the characters have unique bonds with each other outside of just their relationship with the mc. ALSO? THE VISUALS?? THE AESTHETIC? i thought the visuals were very pleasing when i first loaded up this game. i really love the minimalistic vibe! 

also having the time of my life flirting with all the ros, oops <3 rn i'm torn between arion and kian so far, (but i also really love rylan and blane and nikolas and dang it i listed them all-) i've only done one playthrough so far so my favourites may change as i play the other routes, but i know i'm still going to be torn between which one i like the most T_T also they're all so hot- during the pre-club scene where their outfits were being described, i was like "fuck i'm so gay"

also not only do i want to date them all. but i also lowkey want to set some of them up with each other?? like idk all i'mma say is that i was sensing some vibes and tension from some of them basically send help i have started to ship my love interests together this did not go according to plan haha at this rate i might just stay single and watch the drama unfold but also their friendships are so sweet i adore this weird dysfunctional found family dynamic so much <3

anyways i will definitely go through the other routes later when i have time, i just wanted to post this long ass comment here, whoops! very excited for the next chapter though <3

mwah. this comment has made my day tysm <3333


you are a master. i am so caught up between arion, blane, and rylan i dont know HOW IM GOING TO CHOOSE

play them all!! choose them all <333


I am so torn between Arion and Blane! I found this game yesterday and played it almost all day, finished chapter 7 this morning! Ahh it kills me that I have to wait for each chapter now.

Do you know how many chapters this game will have?


omg wow, this means so much thank you!! i always love when people are torn between ros haha it makes me feel like i did something right. as for the number of chapters, it's shaping out to be slightly less than twenty <3

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