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Hey! I'm currently reading WTS and loving it! I'm an IF author myself so I'm trying to read as many games from the circles I'm in on tumblr, and you're one of them. I noticed a few bugs, choice/path inconsistencies and stuff like that while playing (my choices not registering, wrong pronouns for characters, that sort of thing). What's the best way to report it to you? I took screenshots/notes to help you locate it

hi!! please email me ( if you have any bugs or typos. just make sure you're playing on the latest version as i've fixed many of them <3

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The CRIMES I would commit for whoever made this is no joke.

I'm hocked, I'm addicted, I'm also constantly daydreaming and making scenarios about this but that's a whole other issue...... -uhhh not me hoping for a poly relationship- ughh PLEAASE the tension is unreal.  MC + kian + rylan = bliss  (I'm also pursuing blane cuz who doesn't love enemies to lovers) to be fair tho ALL the RO are irresistible 

All Hail @evertides  


i've been reading this over and over and gosh, thank you so much. you've seriously made my day <3


Update: "flirt with death-"  Me: Say less- 


glad it could be of service <3


ive been reading for a little while and i have to say i LOVE this story! it's very well written and i *love* the RO's!! theyre all so well rounded its amazing omg... i can't wait to see what is in store for all us readers in the future!! :)

(also a. devereux my beloved... <3)


i'm so so flattered tysm for reading <33


i screamed when i saw that chapter 7 ended


hahahaha i do love a cliffhanger


My MC is a man, he does not wear heels it was a bit awkward to read that paragraph cuz it says that MC wears heels often, other than that I enjoyed the update.

i'll fix that in the next bug fix, thank you <3


rylan is better than edward could ever be change my mind

You can't


the only upside edward has is the sparkles. he ain't got nothing on rylan.

Rylan ain't got no weaknesses like that say less


just finished chapter seven and the tension between the player and any of the selected ros (i'm playing thru all of the routes) is just *chef's kiss*

i definitely enjoyed this chapter release, but now we must wait for chapter eight ^^;; but great work! thank you for giving us followers something to devour but be sure to take care of yourself :) <3
(p.s. i enjoy your writing style, it's v compelling and pretty)

thank you so much for reading!! <3


I had such a laugh at the "nice try" if you try to bypass the password to chapter 7! 🤣 but can't wait for it! 🖤 


haha had to put something there


the next chapter requires me to make a crucial choice and im already sweating.....


oh don't worry, it's not so bad



chapter seven is currently only open to beta-testers and patreon users. the password will be removed june 3rd


this was so good!! vv excited for chap. 7 !!


ahh thank you!! it'll be coming v v soon <333


ah! and i also wanted to mention that i appreciate the representation, mainly filipino rep. i honestly don't really see filipino references outside of media that's strictly filipino, so it's really nice to see a main character in this lovely story with the same nationality as mine!


that's so nice to hear aw. i'm so glad you find rep in rylan <3


Im eating up, inhaling, consuming, devouring this story. thank you for the food! (sorry for my weird humor) found this story today as well!

thank you so much!! so glad you enjoyed <333




only my beta testers have access to chapter seven right now! it’ll go live for patreon next and then publicly


okay, thank you.


who are the Lis?


I have replayed this many times, your work is very well written and really fun to read as well :]


ahh that means so much to me, thank you <3


Big fan of your stuff! Keep the tasty well written tales flowing. Do it for the unicorns. 🌈🦄

thank you for playing!! 


happy to see your story here instead of just dashingdon. the interfaces look amazing!

thank you!! so happy to have moved here <3


first time player! this was quite fun to play and the writing is fantastic. interesting plot, immersive and compelling language, great pacing. i'm looking forward to reading more!

thank you so much!! i'm so glad you're enjoying <3

Im still in the middle of playing chapter 5 but found something I should probably let you know of before I forget. There, on the bottom row. "$bthey$b_s" Just missing a space I take it? :D

Aaand it's me again! Still at chapter 5. Left the info at the bottom row again. "...thought nothing of it VAT the time." I swear I wouldn't be commenting these but skimming through the comments you seem like someone who cares about their game being  clear of any typos and such.

no i appreciate the typo catches, don't worry about bothering me. thank you!! i'll get these fixed when i can <3

Your friendly neighborhood sadboi reporting again. I believe the yellow text is supposed to say "pairing" and not "oairing" in chapter 6 when you are supposed to pick your date for the club?

Oh hi, hello. Im at the club now and tryina order some alcohol to spice up this trip. (as if it wasnt spicy enough already. Oh God, Arion why??? This is very unprofessional, though it's mostly on me) Back to the drinks: when I tried to order an old fashioned it gave me a mimosa. I tracked back and checked the others and prosecco gave me an old fashioned. (I hope Im not just fat fingering on my phone and throwing a racket for nothing. I did check it a few times tho!) Anyway, the other ones worked! Back to clubbing!

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I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THIS GAME all of the characters are so lovely and interesting I can't even choose a favorite 😫 Although if I really had to choose, I think it might be between A, Blane, and Rylan! 

I can't wait for the next chapter, I'm very excited! <3


i'm so glad you enjoyed! i can't wait to publish chapter seven <3


This is honestly so good! Love all the romance options, they're so fun and pleasant in their own way.

Can't wait for more! Keep up the great work!


thank you so much!! super excited to give chapter seven to y'all <3

Yo!! The story is amazing so far but is there a way to use the mobile/vertical view since the landscape view is awkward on well mobile (off centered)

i don't have a fix for this issue yet but i've heard using a browser other than chrome (if that's what you're on) fixes the problem (for now). if you're not on chrome, let me know. perhaps more detail will help me find the root of the issue.

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Hi! I probably missed smth but is there any way to make the game vertical on mobile? Horizontal is kinda awkward (off-centered, so every time a page refreshes I have to scroll down to get any text, and if I scroll wrong, it feels like I'm scrolling text within the text box but I have to scroll down first to get to the text box ) and too big to browse/navigate and turning on desktop site mode makes interface vertical but too small. 

I'm using the latest version of Chrome mobile, if that makes any difference


it should automatically be vertical on mobile, so this issue is really weird. i don't have a fix for it yet but someone else who had this problem said it went away when they used a browser that wasn't chrome. sorry for the inconvenience! 

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Yeah, switching the browser helped! Thank you. Now on to actually check the game out! (I've played a bit and I'm super torn between the discomfort of being a cop and a joy of doing detective thingies :D )

Also a thing: apparently, forcing my phone to lock screen into vertical also made things look like they are supposed to in Chrome. So idk if it'll help you with looking into it or give any inkling of what could be the reason.


Waaaaait, the vampire is from the philippinessssss? You and me the same Ryan ( •̀ ω •́ )✧

they are!!


hey! this issue should be fixed just play from a save that is earlier (mid-chapter five or beginning of chapter six) and it should be okay.


I really enjoyed this game.Has an interesting plot and characters are lovable (even thou some are really grumpy but im willing to give them a chance and get to know first).As far as i seen, action and non-action scenes takes two different paths and player choice-based instead of forcing us into it.

Thanks for writing this.Wishing you good luck with the next update(s).

so glad you enjoyed!! <3

I love the way the game is set up, which twine format did you use? The mechanics are neat as hell! 

i used the newest version of sugarcube <33

can't wait for more 💚

there are a few minor errors though -also found an choice error when bringing up the topic of Crimson Rouge; all choices lead to the same outcome of "I guess that's settled then."

this one should be fixed!! if you play from an earlier save (like a chapter before or the beginning of chapter five) it should reflect the changes <3

Hello i think I've found two bugs,

the first when you're given the choice to talk with Rylan and all choices lead you to make a deal with him;

Second, when you're choosing blanes partner, it only gives you two choices nonbinary and female

hi!! these should be fixed now ty for the catch <3

Hi, I found error on your game hopefully you can fix it soon. Still I enjoy the game and can't wait for the next update :)

hi!! just fixed this one ty for the catch <3


Really fun game and I've been enjoying it a lot so far! It would be cool if there was a way to reset the game so you could start again and try other routes. Apart from that its a well written game and a very polished UI.

thank you!! i'll try to implement that in my next update i just need to figure out how to do it <3

Absolutely phenomenal so far! I love the variety of options you've implemented, and everything is very well written. However, I find the explicit inclusion of Quinn's pronouns at their introduction a little jarring. I understand the need for it, and she uses an uncommon set, but it feels... a little off as no one else is introduced in a similar fashion.

 My apologies, I know that I'm pointing something out as feeling wrong and not providing a solution. I'm not sure what the best way to go about it would be.

Once more, thank you so much for making and sharing this game! It's an absolute delight.


hmm i see what you’re saying. i’ll come up with a solution and upload the new version when i can. i definitely see where you’re coming from <3


I played this on dashingdon and and thought it was phenomenal - incredibly pleased to see you here on itch :)

i’m happy to be here! thank you so much for the compliment <33

I'm so sorry that my first comment here is a bug (because I played this before and loved it, but never said anything), but here's a bug on the sarcastic option right at the start.

Also, "It's a mandatory meeting after all" in 3.20 got repeated. Also I think there should be a space after the sentence in which you run a hand through your hair in the same chapter? Ugh, so sorry that all I have are bugs and not enough compliments. I'm too involved right now to think of good compliments.

Another bug report; I chose to read Blane's report, and afterwards I could choose to read it again. The game disappeared Arden's report instead.

5.09, "You know, if it wasn't forRapture and my generousity,"

I have realized that my character is basically Blane except less competitive. Which makes a surprisingly mellow character.

5.31r, Thai isn't capitalized.

...I'm so sorry for all my comments. Like, this all just looks so negative. Eugh. I love this story so much, and I'm not even saying anything! Rylan my beloved...

I think every option in 5.42 acts as though you've chosen the first option?

Hunter stats says "You have obsidian black chest length hair, which is na." Dunno what that means.

"Sway side to side" as a dance option has a > at the end.


Alright, read back up to where I was, and it's just as absolutely delicious as I remember. Ugh. So good. You're a fantastic writer.

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"And what if that little charade was all part of my grand scheme to get you to trust me? Will you still be glad to have gone out with me tonight when I have my fangs at your throat, sucking your life away?" Her tone is so ridiculous that it couldn't be anything but sarcasm.


Also, there's a </span> </div> after Sebastian's relationship info.

hi! thanks so much for all the corrections. if you continue to find more could you please email me instead of adding to the thread? i just find it easier that way <3


Would you like these compiled into an email or is this fine?

haha don’t be sorry. you can do whatever is best for you <3

you might want to add a way to reset the game it would be nice to play through it again and make different choices, see how things would be different

oo if i can find a way to do that i certainly will <3


That would be appreciated.

about the game itself though: i played the original dashingdon version and thoroughly enjoyed it so i was glad to stumble upon it here as well (i may or may not just be fully inlove with A)


lets goooooo

Hello, I found this error in chapter 5.

thank you so much for the catch! i've fixed it and will upload it soon <3


Woo! We are living buddy! The new demo is live and that is fantastic!  ☆*: .。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

so glad you're enjoying it!!

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